About me

Basically, I permanently feel like writing. For as long as I can remember, that has been a constant in my life. I do not always feel like I have interesting stories to tell but I am my own person and I am deeply interested in and endlessly curious about a wide variety of subjects. I also don’t like to adhere to specific sets of beliefs or opinions. I ride my own melt. Everything is customizable and I am not one to subscribe to any black or white philosophy. Neglecting the greys and seeking the constant ease and comfort of absolutism robs us of the beautiful nuances which add more depth and meaning to our lives. I keep on learning and create new opinions and life lessons along the way while being the best and kindest person I can be.

Writing is also a means of organizing my thoughts and visualizing the sometimes extremely scattered chaotic mess that is my brain. If I can achieve any kind of genuine interest while satisfying my own need to write, I’d be extremely grateful. Oh and I’ll be writing about music, films, places, religion and spirituality, books and many other things 🙂

Thank you for visiting